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Illustrating Illustration: Towards a Graphic Criticism was held in the Upper Library of Massey College on February 12, 2011, as the annual graduate-student colloquium in Book History & Print Culture at the University of Toronto.
   The colloquium was organized by Jessica Duffin Wolfe with the help of Jonathan Abresch and Alpen Razi, and was made possible through the generosity of BHPC Director Daniel White, Jason Peters, Ruth-Ellen St. Onge, Melissa Patterson, Professor Jens Hanssen, John Fraser and the Massey College staff, and the Departments of Political Science and Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations.
   The exhibit, Illustrating Illustration, 1733-1930, was curated to accompany the colloquium by Jessica Duffin Wolfe, with the crucial assistance of PJ MacDougall, Brian Maloney, and Elizabeth Klaiber.
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